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RECESSO - Cantine Gulino
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Via Daniele Impellizzeri 29, Fanusa (SR)
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Founded in 1793, the Enofanusa srl company "Cantine Gulino" is located in the enchanting territory of the province of Syracuse. A territory rich in history and traditions.
In 1850 the vineyards were destroyed due to the arrival of phylloxera. The grapevine was supplanted by other crops and, only at the beginning of the 1900s, the Gulino grafted, on American vine, resistant to phylloxera, Moscato and Nero d'Avola, a tradition maintained until 1950, when the company became purely agricultural and Gulino dedicated themselves to the production of vegetables.
The current descendants, however, in 1995 re-planted the Moscato and Nero d'Avola, restoring the tradition and renovating the ancient block which, together with the cellar, its salons and the garden, represents a piece of the great historical and cultural heritage of the city of Syracuse.

Today, the winery's merit is the production of autochthonous wines such as Moscato di Siracusa and Nero D'Avola, which stand out for their intense aromas.
From the Moscato the winery also produces the first sparkling wine from Moscato di Sicilia grapes.
Nero d'Avola, on the other hand, is aged in French oak barrels for 12 months, obtaining a product of great structure.
Another native grape is the Albanello, which the winery makes since 2008 and which is quoted by Mario Soldati in his work "Vino al Vino".

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Sicilia DOC
Siracusa DOC
Terre Siciliane IGT


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Via Daniele Impellizzeri 29, 96100 Fanusa (SR)


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